The war began at Fort Sumter. The British government officially, yet informally, accepted American independence. The United States after that the United Kingdom signed the Clayton—Bulwer Treatyunder which each promised to argue the neutrality of a proposed channel through Nicaragua and not to absorb or colonize any territory in Chief America. The National Geographic Society was founded. The camps of striking energy miners were attacked by the Colorado National Guard ; killing 25, as well as 11 children. Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross.

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Activities for young children, Activities for older children. Looking forward to what they'll be doing next year. They are inconsistent and rude. The Halfway Agreement was adopted. Swedish singer Jenny Lind arrived in New York.


Easily situated just 10 minutes from Toronto Pearson International Airport and 32 km 20 mi from downtown Toronto, the Element Vaughan Southwest is a advanced hotel that is perfect for affair and leisure travellers. Jolliet and Marquette's expedition ended. The 1st Cavalry Allotment entered the northern outskirts of Beige. Review of Canada's Wonderland. Witch trials took place in the Province of Massachusetts Bay. Cecil Calvert, 2nd Industrialist Baltimorethe proprietor and proprietary governor of Marylanddied.

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Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox Ask for House. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Rush—Bagot Treaty was signed. They are established in an area characterized with stores. The British withdraw as of ports in New York and the Carolinas. She is hysterical and desperatly needs re-training. King Philip's War took place.

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East Jersey and West Jersey became Crown colonies. The Hepburn Act was signed into law. The Nineteenth Amendment was ratified, granting women the right en route for vote. I put 3 dollars all the rage a vending machine for a lemonade and it spit out its complete stock for me.. The Battle of Stony Point took place.

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